Wollastonite can reduce the firing temperature of ceramics and shorten the firing time, reduce thermal expansion, and improve the strength and quality of the body, and can greatly improve the mechanical properties of ceramic products, improve product quality. The application of wollastonite in the glaze can reduce or eliminate the pinholes of the glaze, improve the wear resistance of the glaze, improve the transparency and gloss of the glaze layer, and reduce the deformation and fracture of the body in the low temperature and fast burning process.

In addition, adding a certain amount of wollastonite to the glaze can also reduce the smoking phenomenon of calcium glaze. Because wollastonite has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, easy to be fused with silicon oxide and alumina at low temperature, does not contain chemically bound water or carbonate, and has needle-like crystal shape, the use of wollastonite as a building ceramic raw material can achieve low temperature and rapid sintering, reduce the shrinkage rate of products, reduce warping and cracking phenomenon, and improve the strength of billets and the quality of molding. Improve the mechanical properties of products, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy, increasing production rate and reducing costs.

Wollastonite, as a metallurgical protection slag, is mainly used as the base material for the production of slab continuous casting, die casting protection slag and carbon-free protection slag. Because the composition of wollastonite is stable, the casting blank has no defect and the surface is smooth. The CaO and SiO2 in wollastonite exist in the combined state, and the ratio is just in the alkalinity range required for continuous casting, which can reduce the types of base material, simplify the process, and make the protective slag have good thermal stability. Wollastonite contains very low Al2O3, so it can enhance the performance of the protection slag to absorb Al2O3.

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