Nepheline Powder HN58-200

  • Other Name: Nepheline syenite
  • Shape: White Powder
  • MF: KNa3[AlSiO4]4
  • HS Code: 25293000
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Nepheline is a silicate containing aluminum and sodium. The chemical composition is KNa3[AlSiO4]4.

Nepheline Powder HN58-200 type is a commonly used nepheline powder, particle size is 200 mesh, K2O is around 5% and Na2O is around 8%. this type is widely used in ceramics and glazes.

Packaging Details: 25/50kgs pp bag, 1ton/bag. 1*20 fcl can load 25-27 mt


  1. Glass industry:makes glassware, flat glass, milk white glass, glass block, glass fiber. It can also be used in the production of borosilicate glass by electric method.
  2. It can used asraw materials of industry ceramics, such as sanitary ceramics and floor tiles. It can reduce the amount of flux. Some nepheline can also be used for white porcelain blank, and dental ceramics, porcelain ball, art ceramics, chemical engineering ceramics


SiO2 (%)60-6361.7
CaO (%)0.5 max0.21
Al2O3 (%)20 min21.92
Fe2O3 (%)0.15 max0.09
TiO2 (%)0.1 max0.03
MgO (%)1.5 max0.1
K2O (%)5-75.35
Na2O (%)8-108.4
Whiteness (1200℃ 30 min)50 min54
L.O.I. (1025℃) (%)2.0 max1.84
Particle size (%)200 mesh90 pass


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