Acicular wollastonite powder

  • Other name: Calcium metasilicate
  • MF: CaSiO3
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 1000kg bag or other jumbo bag.
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Acicular wollastonite powder is ground by air flow mill, which gives full play to the advantages of wollastonite fiber structure. The product has a better aspect ratio and a finer particle size.

Our acicular wollastonite powder is mainly divided into HC and HD two types.

HC series belongs to the settlement value series wollastonite powder, which is divided into HC-60 (settlement value 60), HC-70 (settlement value 70), HC-80 (settlement value 80) and other products according to the settlement value standard.

HD series is classified by particle size, according to the product D10, D50, D90 values to be classified. The finest particle size is the HD-5 type, with D50:5 microns, particle size is near 2500 mesh.

Due to the needle-like properties of this product, it can be used as a fiber filler to increase the strength of the sheet. The product has a high melting point and low burn loss, can be used in building materials and fire resistance, is the main raw material of calcium silicate board and other fireproof materials.


  1. Instead of asbestos, it is used as reinforcing material in automobile friction material.
  2. Instead of glass fiber, it can greatly enhance the strength of FRP in FRP industry. Reduce the cost of FRP and improve the competitiveness of products.
  3. It is used as reinforcing agent in building materials, fireproofing boards, calcium silicate boards, rubber and plastics. It can improve the heat resistance, fire resistance and mechanical properties of products.
  4. Mineral filler. It is widely used in plastic, rubber, paint, coating and paper making industry to make functional filler, which can improve product strength, aging resistance and crack free.

Here is our HC-60 specification for your reference:


SiO2 (%)47-5250.31
CaO (%)40-4543.49
Al2O3 (%)1.5 max0.80
Fe2O3 (%)1.0 max0.83
MgO (%)1.0 max0.35
MnO (%)0.5 max0.31
Water (%)0.1 max0.04
L.O.I (1050℃) (%)5.0 max3.90
PH Value8-119.5
Sedimentation value55-6561



AppearanceWhite fiber powder
Bulk Density(Loose) g/ml0.41
Hardness (Moh’s Scale)4.5-5.0
Melting point1540 ℃



Average Fiber Lengthμm390.1
Average Fiber Diameterμm22.4
Average Aspect Ratio(L/D)18:1


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