Modified wollastonite powder

  • MF: CaSiO3
  • MW: 116
  • Appearance: white needle powder
  • Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag or 1000/1200 kg bag
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Modified wollastonite powder also called Active Acicular Wollastonite.

we treat wollastonite powder by coupling agent.

It has features of hydrophobic property. When put it on the water, it can float.



(1) Application in building materials: widely used in EPS insulation mortar, polystyrene board adhesive, fire retardant coatings, relief coatings, calcium silicate board, and dry powder mortar.

(2) Application in friction material aspect: widely used in friction material instead of asbestos non asbestos friction materials, improve product effect, sensitivity, smoothness, reduce noise, cracking and calcification.

(3) Application in the glass steel products: advise to use 600 mesh

(4) Used in the application of engineering plastics: advise using active fine needle 800 mesh

(5) Used in rubber products: by superfine wollastonite short fiber special surface activation treatment, instead of part of silica in rubber products, improve product strength, hardness, wear resistance and anti aging, replace 1/4 silica.


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