Fused Magnesite

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Fused magnesite is made by melting specially selected natural magnesite or high purity light burned magnesium particles in electric arc furnace. In the process of production, the electric heating is used to heat the charge, so that the magnesium raw material is heated in the furnace, dehydration, melting, crystallization, crystal growth, cooling and other physicochemical changes, forming a kind of high temperature resistance, high hardness, high purity of the fused magnesia crystal.

The main features of fused magnesia products:

The product has high purity, large crystalline particles, dense structure, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability, is an excellent high-temperature electrical insulation material, but also the production of high-grade magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick and amorphous refractories important raw materials.

In addition, it has stable chemical properties, high compressive strength, strong insulation performance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, and is an important raw material for metallurgy, building materials, light industry, furnace lining and bulk materials, and is also an indispensable important refractory material for steel, cement, glass, nonferrous metal smelting and other industries





chemical component (%)bulk density g/cm³ minSize (mm)
MgO MinSiO2 MaxCaO MaxFe2O3 MaxL.O.I. Max
HCFM-96961. or as request



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