Magnesium Oxide

  • Other Names: Caustic Calcined Magnesite, Calcined magnesia
  • MF: MgO
  • Content: 60% to 96%
  • CAS No.: 1309-48-4
  • H.S Code: 25199099
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Magnesium oxide powder is also known as light burned magnesium powder, light burned magnesium oxide, caustic magnesium oxide or light burned magnesium.

Light burned magnesium is produced by mixing magnesite, magnesium hydroxide and other raw materials, calcined at about 800~1000℃, so that it decomposing and discharging CO2 or H2O.

Light burned magnesium powder is light yellow, light brown powder, specific gravity 3.07~3.22, accumulation density 0.8~1.2g/cm3. The texture is crisp, has the pore structure, the reaction activity is high.

Packaging Detail: 25/50kg PP Bag or 1000kg and 1250kg Jumbo Bag,

Main Application:

Magnesium oxide is mainly used as Fertilizer additives and Feed additives;

  1. Agriculture Fertilizer;
  2. Feed additives;
  3. Abrasive(for grinding wheels, emery stones, millstones)
  4. Stock feed/cattle feed
  5. Chemicals (magnesium salts) construction(flooring, ceiling boards)
  6. Electrical(insulating material)
  7. Glass manufacture(decorative/special purpose)
  8. Leather tanning
  9. Paper and pulp
  10. Refractory(ceramics/steel industry)
  11. Waste water treatment


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